Off Grid Solar System Advantages

An off grid solar system implies that it is independent of the electricity supply from power lines. It is like having your own power grid where you can get electricity on demand. Most remote homes can benefit from this kind of power system for their power needs. On grip power systems, on the other hand, are tied to the main grid where it connects numerous homes to provide the solar energy.


Solar power is naturally extracted or generated from the sunlight. The solar panels play a huge role in ensuring that you make the best use of the hot weather. The panels are installed on the roof of the house where they trap as much sunlight as possible. They should be exposed to the sunlight so that they can generate enough energy from the sun.

An off grid solar power system works the same way as the on power grid system only that the latter is grid-tied. The off grid living makes everything simple and convenience for homeowners. They can remotely tap energy from sunlight without having to be dependent on the power lines. There is a lot of that can happen with the power lines which makes the off-grid system reliable and convenient. The whole of the power generation process up to when you receive electricity in your home is operated or run off grid. It eliminates the need to have power outages in case of hurricanes, storms, and bad weather among other naturally occurring calamities. The off grid solar power system comes with many benefits, among them, being:

Convenient in Case Of Blackouts

When an area is hit by a storm or hurricane, you can expect power blackout for homes and residents connected to the same grid. However, this does not happen with the off-grid solar system. It gives you the convenience to always have power for light in your home regardless of the condition out there. Blackouts are not experienced when you are living off the grid. As long as you have power in your battery bank, you can enjoy the free, uninterrupted power supply from the solar power system installed.

Cost Savings For Electric Bills

The initial cost is high, but as soon as you successfully install the off grid solar system in your home, no electric bills will come your way. It serves your home regarding electricity generation for free. Most homes where they are dependent on the traditional power grid, they will receive monthly power bills for the energy consumption of the household. The energy consumed will be billed per usage, and the price is bound to change depending on factors such as inflation, economic stability, and the electricity provider. Luckily, you can choose to consume solar energy for free with no electric bills.

Ease of Installation Of  The System

The process of installing the off grid solar system is simple and fast. For the traditional power generation, trenches, poles and power lines have to be installed to convey electricity into homes. It may turn out to be costly, time-consuming and difficult especially if you are living in remote areas. It is not the case for the off grid solar power system as it can be installed anywhere. It avoids the need to disturb the natural and artificial structures for power to be generated. All that is required is the components that make up the solar power system, and you are good to go.

It Can Serve Remote Areas

The traditional power grid will require the homes to be located near the poles and other infrastructure. However, the purpose of the off-grid system is to serve even in areas where the electricity poles or on-grid power systems cannot reach. Those people living in remote areas can now experience the freedom of solar electricity at their disposal. It provides the desired quality and flexibility of generating the solar power at your convenience and reduced cost. In fact, homeowners who use the off grid solar system will have huge savings regarding the electricity bills. Remote installation is easy as you will be living off-grid. You do not have to undergo the huge cost of installing electricity poles and power lines to reach you where you are.

The Solar Power Light Systems Can Be Installed Where You Need Light

You may need light in your back yard or packing space. The off grid solar system gives you that flexibility regarding where you need light. The light can be installed where it is required. There are no restrictions regarding the place or location the off grid power system can be installed. It gives you the ultimate freedom to light up your home and the surrounding home environment to suit your lighting needs. It is off grid, which means that you can take it where you liked. This feature allows you to light where you need it. When you compare with the on-grid power system, it limits on where you can install the solar power light system.