Strong Financial Services

Providing nothing less than reliable and strong financial services, Holborn Assets, led by CEOs Robert Parker and Simon Parker, specializes in a tremendous variety of expert financial planning and management services. Manned by a large team of UK advisors who make the process more effortless for the 80% UAE expat population, Holborn Assets offers the following expert services: fund management; financial planning; risk management; pension planning; mortgage financing; insurance planning; trust; and offshore banking services.

Holborn assets

Holding partnerships with Collins Stewart, Fairbairn Trust, Investec Bank, Old Mutual, Platinum Capital Management and Royal Skandia, Holborn Assets Limited is also one among a relatively small number of firms that can boast a customer service department in Dubai.

Aware of the heavy financial toll that expatriates typically experience in moving all their belongings and financial assets to a new destination, Holborn Assets Limited makes the challenging transition less burdensome for clients. The Holborn Assets team makes all the nuances of financial planning and management more painless, if not mitigated from losses, for the sake of the client’s future and that of their beneficiaries.

Holborn Assets Limited is manned by a huge team of highly skilled and experienced UK advisors who are all dedicated to upholding every client’s best interests. Working closely with the client, Holborn Assets advisors promote open communication at all times, aware that this is the only means to facilitate problem-free provision of financial services.

Regardless of a client’s current financial status in Dubai, Holborn Assets Limited advisors are ready to go above and beyond the call of duty, when necessary, if only to assure the client that succeeding in a new country of residence is still possible and can present limitless possibilities for growth.

Making the process more trouble-free for the 80% UAE expat population, Holborn Assets is committed to providing quality service and advice that will ensure that cash is always in the right place at the right time for the client.