Discover how to draw a mandala?

Are you needing to switch off for a bit and deal with your executive stress? We all tend to work too hard for too long but it is essential that we learn how to switch off and calm our minds.

An increasingly popular way to do this is to draw mandalas.

Ever had an urge to draw a mandala or just wanted to know how to draw a mandala. The thing is that they are fascinating. They have fascinated artists for hundreds of years.

It could be the mathematics or the shape or is it because they are complex or even their simplicity.

One thing is for sure, they will soon take your mind of work and business and let you relax for a bit. The other cool thing is that you can do them at your desk. Instead of taking a coffee break, take a mandala break.

Mandalas can be seen in many places. Be it mandala design or mandalas to colour in or one in architecture which you will learn in the next sections. What a mandala is is often a near impossible question to find a solution to. The easiest way to kick off is by talking about the etymology of the word and its original uses by people.

The term ‘Mandala’ is a Sanskrit word which basically means circle. If you look deeper into the true meaning a more detailed definition is ‘an integrated structure organized around a unifying centre’. This is a description more in tune with the mandala you are likely to see in mandala designs or that would fit what you would think of mandala tattoos meaning.

Some of the first appearances we know of Mandalas being made by humans is the Tibetan Buddhist mandala. The word they used for the Buddhist mandala is ‘kyil-khor’. The Buddhist art of creating a mandala was often used in preparation for meditation. The mandala art they used would represent the purpose of the meditation they needed. New points of focus within each topic of meditation lends itself to a new mandala so that the new mandala could be viewed in meditation as a way of sinking into that fresh inspiration. The Buddhist mandala was also present in the form of a sand mandala. The monks would take several weeks to produce a lovingly made mandala design in the sand and add colour. When the sand mandala was finished they would afterwards scatter the sand into the water to break up the piece of mandala art to acknowledge how life is does not last forever while also blessing the water and showing how the end can also be a beginning.

The next time you walk into a quiet office and the person doesn’t even hear you come in, it’s not because they are lost in work but because they are probably drawing a mandala. You too can enjoy this meditative experience. And when you do you will see your stress lower and your performance increase. You will be thinking clearer and have more patience to deal with work.